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Andrej Savin works as Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School and as External Professor at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Cambridge. He obtained his PhD from University of Cambridge in 2000 and continued to work as lecturer there until 2007 when he moved to Denmark. Andrej Savin’s primary research has focused on Internet law in general and electronic commerce in particular. He has looked into the development of legislation concerning Information and Communication Technology in the EU and its Member States and conducted comparative studies looking at American cyberlaw. He has further examined issues covering governance and sovereignty, speech regulation, privacy, surveillance and economic analysis of law. He also acted as advisor to private corporations and governmental agencies advising on issues concerning electronic commerce, copyright and jurisdiction and is currently completing a book on EU Internet law, to be published by Edward Elgar in 2009. Prof. Savin is experienced in the management of research projects having recently completed a project on international jurisdiction in Europe and relation to third states.

•    SAVIN, A., EU Internet Law, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2010 (forthcoming)
•    SAVIN, A., Cross-border litigation and ADR mechanisms in Disputes Concerning Mobile
Computing, International Journal of Private Law, Special Issue, 2010 (forthcoming)
•    SAVIN, A., The Arbitration Exception and Protection of Arbitration Agreements in the EU, Vol. 1 Law Review, Law Faculty, Union University, Belgrade, June 2010
•    JAKOBSEN, S, & SAVIN, A. et al., Comments on the Commission's Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy (December 1, 2008). Available at SSRN:
•    SAVIN, A., The Internet and its Regulation in the EU, in 6 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 2005
•    SAVIN, A., The Impact of EC Economic Law on International Jurisdiction in Nuyts, A, Watté, N, (eds.) EU Judicial Cooperation with Third States, Brussels, Bruylant, 2005

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Professor Joe Cannataci
University of Groningen

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