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Carmen Rodríguez-Santos

Dr. Carmen Rodríguez-Santos was born in 1975. She studied business administration and management at the University of León and specialized in marketing. Her stays abroad include: Insead, MAPP, Vaasa. Accreditated as “Ayudante Doctor” (March 2006) and Contratado Doctor” (February 2010). At present, she works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Economics at the University of León. She is  the coordinator of the Erasmus Network COBEREN and a Country Director EuroMed Research Institute. Also a Professor Vissitor abroad and consultant. Her teaching and research activities include: consumer behaviour, market research, brand strategy, advertising. She has experience with leading national and international projects.
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Project Coordinator
Professor Joe Cannataci
University of Groningen

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Start date: May 2010
End date: April 2013
Grant agreement No.: 244643
EU Contribution: 2,599,570 Euros

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