Laboratorio di scienze della cittadinanza, Italy

Luciano d’Andrea


Sociologist, he has coordinated several research projects in fields at the crossroad of science, technology and social change, such as science-society relations, science communication, urban development, and research-based innovation. 

•    D’ANDREA, L., A different interpretation of science-society relations: the socialization of scientific and technological research, Jcom 08(03), 2009
•    D’ANDREA, L. & BIJKER, W. E. (eds.), Handbook on the socialisation of scientific and technological research), SS-ERC Project, European Commission DG Research, 2009  (
•    D’ANDREA, L. & DECLICH, A., Il fondamento comunicativo dei processi di innovazione scientifica e tecnologica, in PITRELLI, N., STURLONI, G., Atti del V Convegno Nazionale sulla Comunicazione della Scienza, Polimetrica, Milano, 2007
•    D’ANDREA, L. & DECLICH, A., The sociological nature of science communication, Jcom 04 (02), 2005
•    D’ANDREA, L., QUARANTA, G. & QUINTI G. (2005), Manuale sui processi di socializzazione della ricerca scientifica e tecnologica, Rome, (http://www.cerfe. org/public/ManualeRAST.pdf)

Maresa Berliri


Sociologist and research consultant, she has a long experience in the fields of scientific communication, knowledge management and designing and implementation of research projects. Her activities included: internet scientific communication and management of web-sites; organisation of meetings, seminars and research conferences; fund-raising for research. She was member of the Editorial Board of the e-journal European Synthesis (2001-2003) and head of the Technical secretariat of both the Forum of Researchers on Human Settlements and the Network on the Services of the Urban Poor of the Water Supply and Sanitation Council (1993-1999).

Project Coordinator
Professor Joe Cannataci
University of Groningen

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End date: April 2013
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