Presenting CONSENT project results I.

Consent and Social Networks


 Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó of the University of Hannover has presented one of the substantial parts of CONSENT project research that has tackled the Status Quo when it comes to UGC and SNS services, their settings, ways they use to obtain consent from the users, the interoperability of different online services as well as the analysis of impact of common policies and practices.


Altogether, in the first stage, 107 social networking sites were analyzed. From their users, the sites often require disclosing combination of e-mail address and a password. Credentials often required are 

  • gender (56 %)
  • birth date or age (54%)
  • full name (46%).


Some of the analyzed social networking sites also required a rather sensitive information, such as sexual orientation or a telephone number.


When it comes to terms of service and privacy policies, problematic contractual provisions include


  • limitation of dispute venue and controlling jurisdiction introduced by American lawyers
  • assumption that IP addresses of users are not a personal data and can be disclosed to any commercial partner
  • limitation of damages due to violations of responsibilites.

      46 of the analyzed social networking sites are not providing the users with instruments of reporting infringments of privacy. 


For more information see the attached document. 





Attached file: [download here]

Project Coordinator
Professor Joe Cannataci
University of Groningen

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Start date: May 2010
End date: April 2013
Grant agreement No.: 244643
EU Contribution: 2,599,570 Euros

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