Presenting CONSENT project results II.

What Consumers Think


Consumers' attitudes and sentiments towards consent and privacy online have been explored through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. 


The analyses found out that there is


  • a high variability between countries in the perception of personal risks, privacy loss and unexpected problems related to giving personal information to websites
  • generally a high awareness of personal information being used by website owners for various purposes across all respondent countries, whereas the awareness of less known practices is lower. The lack of awareness in some of the respondent countries (Bulgaria, Romania)
  • a difference when it comes to taking technical protection measures that seems to point to locally very different levels of experience
  • generally rather low portion of privacy policy readers (24%), while only 11% of respondents claim to fully understand what they have read.


For more and detailed information, as well as individual country-based highlights see the attached document.  







Attached file: [download here]

Project Coordinator
Professor Joe Cannataci
University of Groningen

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Start date: May 2010
End date: April 2013
Grant agreement No.: 244643
EU Contribution: 2,599,570 Euros

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